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Easy-to-install, zero maintenance, total fire protection for electrical enclosures

Firetrace FlexRope makes fire detection and suppression possible in often overlooked small electrical settings. Get peace of mind knowing fire is stopped before it can spread.

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Protects areas up to 35ft3 (1m3)
Approved for Class A, B, and C fires
Designed for electrical cabinets and panels
No maintenance needed


Protect what you couldn’t before

Even though the risk and losses from electrical panel/cabinet fires can be catastrophic, fire protection is often not required in these settings. Firetrace FlexRope is an affordable, easy, all-in-one solution that makes protection within reach.

Small-scale applications are still high-risk settings

Firetrace has built its business on innovating and creating fire detection and suppression solutions across the spectrum of industrial applications from the very complex and large, to standard and equipment-based.

However, we know that small-scale, non-regulated applications have often gone unprotected due to a lack of products and solutions designed for these spaces, or because the options that do exist are complex and high-cost.

Firetrace’s FlexRope extends Firetrace-quality protection to applications up to 35 ft³ (1 m³) and is designed to be an easy, no-hassle, DIY solution for customers.

A person installing FlexTape inside of an electrical box.

Easy Installation

Off-the-shelf and ready to use in minutes. For users without a maintenance team, our trusted network of distribution partners are happy to help with installation.

Easy installation with provided adhesive mounts and zip ties

No certified installation tech needed

Install without modifying electrical cabinet

No Maintenance

A ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ product, with no required ongoing maintenance.

Easy visual inspections ensure proper installation

Avoid business disruption while maximizing uptime

Low Cost

A one-time cost for guarding high-risk systems.

No ongoing maintenance costs save end-users ~90% compared to other solutions

All-in-one detection/suppression rope is lower cost than engineered or pre-engineered products on the market

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Automatic detection and immediate suppression to stop fire before it spreads

The Firetrace FlexRope is the leading technology in small, enclosed space electrical fire protection.

Frequently asked questions
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The Firetrace FlexRope combines the components of traditional systems into a single product (agent storage, detection, and discharge together for total suppression). Proprietary granules are housed within a vinyl sheath and wrapped in a fiberglass braid.

An electrical box still smoky after a FlexRope has extinguished a flame.

During a thermal event inside an electrical enclosure, fire activates the FlexRope at 660 degrees fahrenheit, ensuring there are never false discharges.

An electrical box still smoky after a FlexRope has extinguished a flame.

When the rope activates, the granules undergo a chemical reaction resulting in a fire-fighting gaseous cloud that fills the enclosure and suppresses the fire before it has the opportunity to spread.

A larger, 1 cubic meter, electrical cabinet with a FlexRope installed.

The rope and suppression agent can protect enclosed areas up to 35 ft³ (1 m³) from Class A, B, and C fires, making it an ideal solution for electrical panels and cabinets within equipment or facilities.


All-in-one detection/suppression rope is lower cost than engineered or pre-engineered products on the market

All-in-one detection/suppression rope is lower cost than engineered or pre-engineered products on the market

We started with detection tubing over 20 years ago — leading to best-in-class direct and indirect fire suppression systems for manufacturing, critical infrastructure, wind, and defense. Now we're using our large-scale experience to make fire protection a reality for small, yet critical, electrical applications.

Designed specifically for electrical enclosures

We do electrical panel and cabinet protection better than anyone else because we’ve designed products and solutions specifically for these settings. We’re using innovative technology, optimized for small, tricky to protect spaces, where we know fire protection is a choice instead of a specification.

Reduce damage, downtime, and safety hazards

While electrical panel/cabinet protection is not often regulated, it is the smart choice. Electrical fires are high-risk scenarios and can cause catastrophic damage, as well as costly downtime. We created a low-cost, easy solution that makes protection a no-brainer.

The user-friendly fire protection product on the market

We’ve created a self-install, no maintenance system that can go from off-the-shelf to in-use in a matter of minutes. Easy also equates to more affordable, with end-users saving on installation and ongoing inspections.

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