Frequently Asked Questions

Applications + Specifications + Certifications

What types of applications is the rope designed for?
What types of fires is the rope specified for?
What lengths does the rope come in?
Why are there two identical lengths of product in each kit?
Can I use the rope for non-electrical enclosure applications?
Does this product have third-party accreditation?
What are the applicable NFPA Codes or other industry standards?


How much does it cost?
How do I find a Firetrace FlexRope distributor?

About Firetrace

What other types of systems does Firetrace sell?

Installation, Maintenance, Inspections

How is the rope installed?
Can I install the rope myself, or do I need a technician?
What type of maintenance is required for the rope?
What types of inspections are required for installation and ongoing use?

Detection + Suppression Technology

How will I know if there has been a fire?
What should I do after a fire?
Is it toxic?
Is it non-corrosive?
Is it non-conductive?


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